animoca to repay users 265 eth stolen in fake nft drop discord hack

Animoca to repay users 265 ETH stolen in fake NFT drop Discord hack

The attack is the latest in a long string of exploits targeting users on Discord with fake “stealth” NFT drops.

flokis logo to appear on league topping ssc napolis match jersey and stadium

Floki’s logo to appear on league-topping SSC Napoli’s match jersey and stadium

As part of the sponsorship deal with SCC Napoli, the Floki Inu logo will be featured on the back of the football team’s jersey and across LED signs at the team’s home stadium.

mixed messages on crypto tax rules create confusion in south korea

Mixed messages on crypto tax rules create confusion in South Korea

Government officials waffling about the crypto tax that’s set to come into effect in 2022 has created a maelstrom of conflicting reports that even officials can’t seem to keep track of.

long term bitcoin holders at multi year high glassnode

Long-term Bitcoin holders at multi-year high: Glassnode

The analytics provider reported that long-term BTC holders are reducing their spending, and adding to positions.

proposed australian exchange licensing could stifle competition kraken

Proposed Australian exchange licensing could stifle competition: Kraken

Kraken Australia’s Managing Director is concerned that a proposed new licensing regime for crypto exchanges could collapse the vibrancy of the industry down under.

australian senator says defi is not going away any time soon

Australian Senator says DeFi is ‘not going away any time soon’

The Liberal Party Senator commented that DeFi “presents huge opportunities” for Australia to cement its place as a “front-runner for innovation.”

top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week btc avax matic egld mana

Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, AVAX, MATIC, EGLD, MANA

If Bitcoin rises above $60,000, select altcoins such as AVAX, MATIC, EGLD and MATIC may remain strong.

decentralized exchanges arent ready for derivatives

Decentralized exchanges aren’t ready for derivatives

DEXs conceivably hold great promise for the future of derivatives trading, but not at the cost of security, speed and availability for all.

vanecks bitcoin spot etf shunt solidifies secs outlook on crypto

VanEck’s Bitcoin spot ETF shunt solidifies SEC’s outlook on crypto

The SEC rejecting VanEck’s spot ETF started a price reversal for Bitcoin as the regulator’s outlook on cryptocurrencies is revealed further.

back to back all time highs from avax enj and egld suggest its altseason

Back to back all-time highs from AVAX, ENJ and EGLD suggest it’s ‘altseason’

AVAX, ENJ and EGLD brush off the recent drop in BTC price by posting a fresh round of all-time highs.