How big is Bitcoin in Lugano? Decentralize with Cointelegraph goes to BTC school

Adam Back, Paolo Ardoino and enthusiastic students from all over the world share insights on Bitcoin school as well as crypto adoption in Switzerland.

Tether authorizes $1B USDT to ‘replenish’ Tron network

Blockchain trackers flag $1-billion “authorised but not issued” USDT mint at Tether’s Treasury; CTO Paolo Ardoino clarifies holdings will be used for ongoing TRON issuance requests and chain swaps.

BTC price hits $27.4K as Bitcoin open interest matches Grayscale peak

BTC price gains more than 3% as the week begins, but concerns over open interest “ramping up” almost $1 billion in hours offer a sense of Grayscale deja vu.

Bosch, EU and blockchain companies to build decentralized IoT: IAA Mobility

Bosch and the Peaq network explain how the future of the Internet of Things and the Economy of Things will come via decentralization and on-chain automation.

Hong Kong central bank warns against crypto firms using banking terms

The HKMA said that funds placed on unlicensed "crypto banks" are not protected by the region's deposit protection scheme.

Base Network hits almost 2M transactions in a day, still trails Polygon, BSC

Base surpassed other layer-2 networks like Optimism and Arbitrum in terms of daily transactions but still lagged behind Polygon and BSC.

Magic Eden integrates Solana’s compressed NFTs into marketplace

NFT marketplace Magic Eden believes that lowering the costs in NFT production creates an "easy access point" for new users to try NFTs.

What are address poisoning attacks in crypto and how to avoid them?

Address poisoning attacks involve tracking, misusing or compromising cryptocurrency addresses.

AI startup Helsing raises $223 million in Series B funding for defense solutions

The company emphasized its commitment to advancing AI technology for the safeguarding of democratic nations.

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